bypass valve

(BPV) A valve that can open and allow fluid or gas to pass through in other than its normal channel.
Also see
oil filter oil filter bypass valve

Dictionary of automotive terms. 2015.

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  • bypass valve — A valve that maintains constant system pressure. When the system pressure is exceeded by a predetermined amount, the valve opens and relieves the pressure, bypassing the fluid back to the system and thereby protecting the system against ruptures …   Aviation dictionary

  • Bypass (valve) — In rebreather breathing sets, a bypass is a hand operated valve that can be used to let more oxygen (or other breathing gas) into the breathing system, by passing the cylinder s flow rate control valve …   Wikipedia

  • bypass valve — noun : a valve placed to control the flow of fluid through a bypass …   Useful english dictionary

  • bypass valve — Смотри перепускной клапан …   Энциклопедический словарь по металлургии

  • filter bypass valve — See oil filter oil filter bypass valve oil filter bypass valve …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • oil filter bypass valve — A valve in or near the oil filter which routes the oil unfiltered directly to the lubricating points; it comes into operation when the oil filter is clogged so that pressure across the filter is higher than the pressure needed to overcome the oil …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • cooler bypass valve — See oil cooler bypass valve …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • thermostatic bypass valve — A valve that is integral to an oil cooler system. It maintains the proper oil temperature by varying the proportion of the total oil flow passing through the oil cooler. The valve has a spring loaded thermostatic element, two inlet ports, and one …   Aviation dictionary

  • air bypass valve — (ABPV or ABV) a backfire suppressor valve used in air injection systems. During high engine vacuum conditions such as deceleration, it vents pressurized air from the air pump to the atmosphere in order to prevent backfiring. At other times, it… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • oil cooler bypass valve — An oil temperature controlled valve which closes the oil circuit through the oil cooler when the oil is still cold; similar function as the thermostat in the engine cooling system. Engine oil is heated to a considerable temperature in engines… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

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